The 2012 Republican National Convention is now underway in Tampa, FL and young voters are jumping in the fray, making sure to have their voices heard within the GOP. Both the National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee and Chairwoman of the Young Republicans delivered lively speeches to convention attendees, assuring them that the Republican youth are fed up with the Obama administration and dedicated changing the course of this country.

“Our country is nearly $16 trillion in debt - a burden placed on our generation's back,” said CRNC Chairman Alex Schriver. “We're tired of it. And we're tired of a President and his cronies in Congress being all-too-willing to kick the nation's fiscal crisis down to our road.”

Young Republican Chairwoman Lisa Stickan echoed his sentiments in her speech saying, “And times are bad under Barack Obama and his leadership.”

At all of 23 years old, Schriver took the stage and asserted his presence on behalf young people but acknowledged the sad reality of high unemployment that cripples his generation. “Every day, I'm thankful to be employed,” Schriver said. “Yet, unfortunately, many of my peers are not as lucky. Half of my generation didn't get up and go to a job this morning. Many of them, in fact three out of 10, graduated this year and moved back in with their parents.”

Stickan too acknowledged the difficulty her generation faces in securing a job: “There is a war on young people, a war on paychecks and on our ability to succeed.”

But Schriver’s youthful optimism shined through as he continued his speech. “The fact is: we're young. We're focused. We're driven. And we need to be out making our mark on the world. Instead, our generation is having a mark made on us.”

And Schriver sees the Romney-Ryan ticket as key to paving a path of success for young Americans. “Governor Mitt Romney has a plan to get America back to work, to rein in our out-of-control spending, and to get our great country back on a sustainable path,” Schriver said. “That plan is just what we need. At the end of the day, Barack Obama has failed young Americans.

The hope was shared by Stickan who also saw a ray of hope in a future Romney-Ryan administration. “But there is hope -- for the change of a new day,” Stickan said. “Governor Mitt Romney has a plan to get this country back on track and the Young Republicans are excited. We're ready for the government to get out of the way so job creators can actually create jobs. We're ready for leadership that leads from the front. We're ready for change.”

Schriver closed his remarks by stating that his peers deserve better than the environment President Obama has created. “We're out of jobs, we're out of ‘hope’ and we're out of ‘change. Our generation can do better. My generation deserves better.”