A Washington state woman's order at a Buffalo Wild Wings is getting major attention.

At a Tacoma location of the chain restaurant, a woman came in and ordered two beers.

Her server, Brian Avey, explained to the woman it was against state law to order two beers at once. The woman told him the second was for her brother who had died while serving in Iraq, local station KIRO-TV reported.

Avey served the customer, who he described as a "military woman," the two beers. The Corona sat next to her untouched throughout her entire meal.

Buffalo Wild Wings picked up the tab for the second beer and the woman left a kind message on her receipt, signing it "Grateful Soldiers."

Avey, saying he "didn't have the heart to dump the beer out," placed it next to the American flag in the restaurant.  His boss couldn't get rid of it either. Now it stands with instructions to place a fresh lime in it each day.

Avey's account of the interaction on Facebook has since gone viral.

A Military Woman came into my work today for Lunch, she ordered a Blue Moon and a Corona, I told her she could only do...Posted by Brian Avey on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Local station KIRO-TV has reported the Buffalo Wild Wings has been receiving calls thanking them from all over the world.

(h/t TheBlaze)