Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is set to lead a rally in Wisconsin, but as he enters Madison, the socialist senator will be met with billboards across the state expressing what the state GOP thinks of his policies.

The billboards, erected in Green Bay and Milwaukee by the Wisconsin Republican Party, read "Left and Lefter", a parody of the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber.

Along with the billboards, the state party has created a matching website, which details the extreme policies of Sanders and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

“Bernie Sanders’s recent surge reflects Hillary Clinton’s inability to resonate with her base – and she’s desperately shifting to the left to win the nomination. Voters should be disturbed by the ease in which Clinton will change her positions to appease hardline Democrats,” said Chris Martin, Communications Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin in a statement.

The website details how Sanders is a "self-proclaimed democratic socialist" and called for a cut in defense spending as well as increases in taxes.

It also attacks Hillary Clinton for her private e-mail server, dodging a position on trade and other important issues, and claiming she will grant more benefits to illegal immigrants.