The St. Louis Zoo has gone from family-friendly attraction to the center of a gun rights battle.

Despite a change in the Missouri constitution last year that extended gun rights, the zoo has continued a ban on firearms. The zoo argues that their ban is lawful, but Second Amendment activist protest their gun prohibition.

An argument broke out between a gun rights activist carrying his handgun outside the zoo and another man, YouTuber Rich Johnson, The Blaze reported Tuesday.

The man in the video who openly carried his guns tried calmly explain his view that the Second Amendment protects him and his daughter, but despite his efforts he was met with a series of verbal assaults by Johnson.

“It’s not about protecting your family. You want to be an intimidator. You like it when people run from you,” Johnson told the man.

With his guns by his side, the man explained that no one that has passed him has run or felt intimidated. He kept his cool despite Johnson repeatedly cursing at him.

"Kids don't need to see a country where people are carrying open f--king weapons that are loaded. Never in the history of this country has that ever been allowed," Johnson said.

The man tried to reason with Johnson telling him that it was a right in the Constitution and he should "Google it."

“If you don’t like the way that America works, how about you leave? Go somewhere else where people don’t give you those freedoms to do what you want to do,” the man said after a calm explanation about the Constitution failed.

Another man joined the open carry activists and claimed he had been a victim of gun violence and had to draw his weapon to defend himself, but it failed to sway Johnson's opinion that firearms were bad.

Watch the entire NSFW exchange below: