CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Evan Draim has his own assistant to manage his schedule. He has an entourage. He's done as many interviews in the past two weeks as some of Mitt Romney's top surrogates, maybe more.

This for a kid who can't even vote yet.

At 17, Draim is the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention. The Alexandria native turns 18 on Sept. 14, meaning he's eligible to vote Nov. 6 and, so, eligible to serve as a delegate this week in Tampa.

But this isn't even Draim's first convention. While most eighth-graders would have been content with cash as a graduation gift, Draim asked his parents to take him to Richmond for the Virginia Republican convention in 2009. He's been hooked ever since.

"This entire experience has made me fall in love with the Republican Party and the conservative movement so much more," Draim said of his moment in the spotlight.

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