A new in-flight amenity offered by Virgin America airlines might just surprise some frequent fliers: The airline has teamed up with Rock the Vote to provide all Virgin America passengers the option of registering to vote, after take-off.

And although Virgin America only flies to 16 destinations within the U.S., the airline does however contain one of the most competitive passenger entertainment systems. Featured on the back of each seat, PromoJam, the social marketing platform giving wind to the in-air movement, is now utilizing these screens to allow passengers the opportunity to become a registered voter.

The growing social marketing company works promotion campaigns for clients such as Blackberry, Warner Brothers Music Group, Paramount Pictures and pop star Rihanna.

But it seems the word “promotion” wears many hats.

Virgin America – in typical fanfare – used the registration addition to its entertainment options as a promotion tool for its new route from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport. President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney impersonators handed out miniature U.S. flags to those buckled in for their flight.

However, only passengers with smart phones can access the QR code from the airlines’ seat screens. The codes are scanned in on the phones, which then direct the owner to a registration page.

It’s so easy, a caveman could do it.

But could it be argued the passengers with smart phones have an unfair advantage over those who don’t? Or even worse, that those unable or unwilling to purchase a smart phone are disadvantaged by their choice or inabilities? It’s hard to believe, but not everyone has made the switch to iPhones, Androids or other smart phones.

The Obama reelection campaign obviously cares a great deal about the average Americans’ ability to vote not being hindered, as evidenced by their teaming up with the Democratic National Committee just last month in a lawsuit against the state of Ohio regarding their voting practices.  So where is the Obama campaign in all of this and why haven’t they called for Virgin America’s demise? Clearly Virgin America is bigoted against airline passengers without access to smartphones.

The lawsuit argued that a three day voting extension to allow overseas military personnel to submit ballots until the Monday before an election was, as David Axelrod implied arbitrary and unfair to regular Ohio voters because in-state voters have until the Friday before to submit absentee ballots. Since similar concerns of disenfranchisement of one group over another were raised in the lawsuit, the logic should then apply that Virgin America should be boycotted, sued, or shut down.

But you won’t hear a peep from the Obama campaign or Democrats about how “unfair” and “arbitrary” Virgin America is being towards its non-smartphone-wielding clients. There exists nothing but praise and commendations for the California-based airline and its partners, PromoJam and their biased by de facto “Rock the Vote” program.

But this just goes to show the double standard held by the Left – they believe promoting democracy and enfranchisement for all eligible voters is a noble cause … so long as they are the ones doing the registering.