Counter Cultured, a group dedicated to voicing the opinions of conservative millennials, posted a video Thursday of young people demanding Congress defund Planned Parenthood.

The video shows 13 millennials discussing their pro-life viewpoints and outrage to the recent videos by the Center for Medical Progress where executives at the abortion provider discuss the sale of fetal organs from aborted children.

"Eric Gardner's life matters, Sandra Bland's life mattered, the 1,867 black babies we abort every day in the United States lives' matter," said one black millennial. "If black lives truly matter, defund Planned Parenthood."

"My birth mother could not take care of me because she lived a life that was consumed with drugs and alcohol and could not produce an environment that was healthy to raise a child," said another young man.

"She could have easily aborted me, but instead she chose life, she chose adoption and I was raised by two loving parents. Planned Parenthood tells African American communities that it's acceptable to abort their babies. Instead of presenting adoption as a choice, they do not believe that black lives matter."

Watch the full video below: