We've all been through it before.

We've all written an innocent tweet or facebook post explaining why we're not voting to reelect President Barack Obama, and next thing we know  our liberal friends from college and trolls on the Internet are all us racists. Why? Because, clearly, the only possible reason anyone would want to give the boot to the President responsible for 42 straight months of unemployment above 8 percent is because he's black.

You, racist, you.

Conservative journalists Bob Parks and Dan Joseph have teamed up to make a must watch video that points out the hypocrisy of members of the Left on absurd accusations of racism they are hurling at conservatives.

In the black and white 1950s style video produced by Parks for his blog Black and Right,"Bob" (who is actually played by Joseph) is taught "How Not to Be a Racist" by the video's off-screen narrator (who is also played by Joseph).

"It's only racist if it's said by someone who doesn't support Obama and his policies," the video's narrator explains. "A liberal can't be racist because they support things that are good for the black community."

While the video generally takes a comical look at racism and bigotry ("Calling undocumented workers illegal simply because they're here illegally is proof that you hate Mexicans," the narrator says) it also takes a shot at Obama's attempts to distance himself from controversial messaging of his campaign and campaign allies. A fake Obama says at the end of the video that he's never seen the ad, "I've never even heard of it," the Obama impersonator (also Joseph) says.

Although humorous in nature the video addresses an important culturally fight liberals unable to defend Obama's failed policies are waging on anyone who dares question his record.

Parks (who is black) and Joseph will undoubtedly will be called racists by the Left for the video because, umm . . .racism?