You may hear the argument that Vanderbilt is discriminating against religious groups. I want to assure you that in my opinion, we are not.”

That’s what Vanderbilt University provost Richard McCarty told a “town hall” meeting of Vanderbilt students during the one event in which Vanderbilt deigned to answer students’ questions after passing a new “nondiscrimination” policy. We’re talking about a policy so absurd that Vanderbilt itself says that religious student groups can no longer even require that their leaders conduct Bible studies because it implies that they have to believe in the Bible.

Admittedly, it’s hard to believe that any university would do such a thing. That’s why a short documentary that the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE, where I work) released today goes to Vanderbilt’s campus to talk to students and professors about what’s going on and how students are reacting. Along the way, FIRE talks to country music legend Larry Gatlin and Brookings scholar, author and gay-marriage advocate Jonathan Rauch to get their perspectives on why Vanderbilt is making the wrong decision about belief-based student groups.

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