College students aren’t the only ones who need summer jobs.

The president of a Georgia college is earning his paycheck this summer as an Uber driver, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Lawrence Schall is the president of Oglethorpe University, a private liberal arts college located in a suburb of Atlanta.

After his first ride in an Uber, Schall said he had the urge to try being a driver for the popular ride-sharing service.

“It seemed like an opportunity to experience how a growing number of Americans experience work,” Schall wrote in a blog post for the Huffington Post.

Schall said he was inspired by John Coleman, a Haverford College president, who wrote a book in 1974 exploring the divide between academia and the lives of workers. Coleman spent a secret sabbatical working in a variety of blue-collar positions including hauling trash, making sandwiches and digging sewer lines.

“Whether being an Uber driver today is the equivalent of a garbageman in the 70's is a point I won't argue,” Schall wrote. “To be fully transparent, I love to drive and with a very creaky back these days, I'm not a huge fan of manual labor.”

Schall says he is planning to donate his earnings from Uber to Oglethorpe’s scholarship fund.