The University of Oregon will likely be the next school to rename its campus buildings, caving to the demands of sensitive students who wish to erase history. President Michael Schill has recently asked for feedback from the campus community, according to the student-run publication the Daily Emerald.

A decision to rename two of the oldest buildings on campus, Deady Hall and Dunn Hall, stems from a list of demands from the Black Student Task Force. While renaming the buildings was one demand, it may not be enough for the students.

Matthew Deady was a politician, judge, and a supporter of slavery who helped write the Oregon state constitution and supported laws that excluded minorities from the territory. The list of demands called for his name to be scrubbed first. Dunn was a professor, but also a member of the KKK.

Committees need not always result in scrubbing history, no matter how unpleasant, from campus. In the spring, Princeton University concluded they would not remove Woodrow Wilson's name from campus. Yale initially decided they would keep the name Calhoun College, but earlier this month gave into protests and agreed to once again reconsider the name change.

Georgetown University decided to rename buildings in the fall, while Amherst College disavowed their unofficial mascot Lord Jeff, and just this week Vanderbilt announced it would pay $1.2 million to remove the word 'Confederate' from 'Confederate Memorial Hall.'

If a poll from Daily Emerald is any indication, students will likely be in favor of renaming the buildings. Those who feel otherwise could very well be silenced by Black Lives Matters protesters for their opposition, which has happened on campuses across the country.