The Chairman of the Faculty Assembly at the University of Colorado (CU) – Boulder told Campus Reform on Tuesday he plans to cancel any class in which a student exercises their legal right to carry a firearm.

“That’s what I will do,” Professor Jerry Peterson, who teaches physics at UC Boulder, told Campus Reform in the interview with Campus Reform on Tuesday.

“[I]f it is known that there are firearms in my classroom, that is a great deterrent effect and it dampens free discussions and inquiry,” he explained.

Firearms have been allowed on CU campuses since the Colorado Supreme Court earlier this year overturned a long standing campus ban, ruling that the same laws permitting concealed carry off campus also applied on campus.

Peterson’s declared intention to take the law into his own hands immediately drew criticism from Jim Manley, the attorney who brought the original lawsuit on CU’s weapons ban who said the new ban would also be illegal.

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