There are times it's really easy to be a Donald Trump supporter.

There's the obvious, "I AM YOUR VOICE!" line from his acceptance speech at the RNC in Cleveland, but there's also the small moments. These include Trump declaring, after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, that an ideology that massacres gay people doesn't belong on American soil, as well as his constant love and affection for law enforcement when he's deplaned.

There are also times it's really hard to want to Make America Great Again.

As someone who graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism, I've seen firsthand how stories are spun, and how soundbites are cut. I know how a statement Trump can make about the culture of a gold star family can be twisted into a sexist, Islamaphobic declaration by the mainstream media. Believe me, as an Italian, I wouldn't be too thrilled about anyone assuming my wife or mom couldn't talk because she wasn't allowed to.

There are other reasons why, admittedly, the #NeverTrump sentiment is understandable, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the candidate itself. It's the Don Zombies on social media thinking that the combination of an outspoken candidate and years of shaming from Jon Stewart/Bill Maher Zombies allows them to take their revenge in whatever ways and words they want. Well, as I put on my SJW cap, hear me out.

Consider the case of Boston University engineering student Katia Checkwicz, who posted a video stealing two Trump signs from a front lawn last week. In the moments and days that ensued, various users condemned her act with responses ranging from tweeting the Boston University Police to even the Secret Service.

However, after Campus Reform correspondent and Red Alert Politics contributor, Kassy Dillon broke the story, the responses grew uglier, even after Checkwicz apologized for her actions and said she would make reparations with the homeowners.

It wasn't enough for the Zombies, who fired away tweets mocking her appearance,

her autistic brother,

and her mental health.

Dillon quickly took to Twitter, retweeting Checkwicz's apology, and vitriol aimed in the BU junior's direction, imploring people to move on.

Let's make one thing clear. Should Donald Trump rally through the debates and win the presidency, the eyes of the nation and world will not only be on the man pledging to Make America Great Again, but the slice of America that supported making it great. The worst thing the Trump faithful can do is stoop to the level of hypocrites on the left who are quick to fire back at facts disputing their claims as racist, bigoted, or misogynistic. The world needs to see that conservatives are the party of inclusiveness and forgiveness, and not of ignorant hatred as the mainstream media regularly reminds undecided voters.