Donald Trump's claims on unemployment have earned scorn from some top economists because they differ greatly from the official government numbers, but the Republican nominee's claim that 58 percent of black youth are unemployed is true.

The GOP nominee's economic advisor said to ABC News that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) (which reports black youth unemployment numbers at 25.7 percent) is deceiving the public because they manipulate the age range considered 'youth.'

David Malpass, who advises Trump on economics, said that Trump's numbers look at 16- to 24- year-old black Americans unlike the BLS which looks at just 16-19-year-olds as youths.

Trump's campaign also looks at the amount of black millennials not in the labor force, including students and those who have not been able to find their first job -- a daunting task for young people who live in areas with little or to no economic opportunity.

By adding up the additional age and non-labor force participants, that's how Trump got to 58.5 percent number for black youth unemployment.

It's much higher than the official BLS model of 16- to 24-year-old blacks which is slightly under 10 percent.

Speaking about people who would like a job, full time or part time, but cannot find one speaks to the broader economic situation that millions of Americans face, especially if you're young and black. When the media argues that the economy isn't that bad for young blacks, it makes them look out of touch and helps Trump reach these voters who have felt left behind.