A teenager from South Portland, Maine, who was mocked by both students and teachers for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat got a private audience with the Republican nominee on Thursday.

Connor Mullen has had a rough year at school. Since he became an outspoken supporter of Trump, he's received nothing but criticism.

“People were trying to silence me,” the 16 year-old said to the Portland Press Herald.

A member of the Maine Republican Party heard of his story and made arrangements with the Trump campaign for Mullen to join the GOP nominee on stage when he gave a speech in Portland.

Before the rally at a theater in Portland, Mullen got to meet and take pictures with the billionaire.

“He looked me in the face and said, ‘I won’t forget about you and I look forward to seeing you on stage,'” Mullen said to the Portland Press Herald.

The 16-year-old thought Trump's speech was great and got to take a selfie with him afterwards, saying he'll continue to wear the hat to school everyday.

“I thought it was the presidential Donald Trump and not the Donald Trump who tends to get people riled up,” he said. “His tone, his voice, was perfect.” He said the whole experience was "breathtaking."

Mullen said that the teachers and classmates who ridiculed him were all to thank for the experience.

“In a weird way, thank you. I got a giant experience out of it, but I’d say please don’t do it again, to anyone,” he said.