Triumph the Insult Comic Dog went to the Philadelphia to cover the Democratic National Convention and teach Bernie Sanders supporters what it really means to feel burned.

The insult comic went up to various #BernieorBust protestors and mocked them for: refusing to support Clinton, their inability to deal with the fact that Sanders lost the election, and their general hygiene (or lack thereof).

"Is the man holding you down?" the comic asked one Berner.

"He's holding all of us down!" the Sanders support exclaimed.

"Is he holding you down and forcing you to use deodorant anytime soon?" the comic responded.

When one supporter told Bernie to keep fighting and "don't give up on us", Triumph said, "you'll have to say that in his good ear."

Another supporter of the Vermont Senator said that he was "disappointed" that Hillary Clinton was going to win the roll call vote, to which Triumph said, "well now you know how your parents feel."

Watch the full clip: