On an episode of TheBlaze TV earlier this week, host Tomi Lahren slammed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for refusing to take responsibility for her track record of lying to the American people. She paralleled Clinton’s untrustworthiness with U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte, who filed a false police report while in Rio, noting that, “It’s a sad day when an Olympic swimmer is more accountable than a presidential contender.”

“I don’t expect that kind of behavior from Olympic athletes,” Lahren said in regard to Lochte and his teammates. “Or, I don’t know, anyone representing the United States, like, I don’t know, the next potential president perhaps.”

The show then cuts to a video compilation of Hillary Clinton blaming the attack on the United States embassy in Libya on an Internet video, and claiming she never sent nor received classified information via her personal email account while she was secretary of state.

“It boggles my mind how some lies are acceptable and others are just so egregious,” Lahren stated. “Lochte’s an idiot, but he’s not running for president. There is a difference. Here’s another difference: at least he finally owned it.”

Lahren played a video of Lochte admitting that he exaggerated his story about being robbed at gunpoint and apologizing for it, followed by video clips of Clinton saying that her email scandal is not her fault and that she doesn't know what wiping a server means, blaming both false statements on her “short circuiting.”

“It’s pretty fricking sad when bonehead Ryan Lochte is more transparent, more apologetic, more mature, and more accountable than the woman running for President of the United States of America,” Lahren said. “Does this contrast not concern anyone else?”

She then forcefully criticized the media for spending so much time grilling Lochte about the Rio incident, while they refuse to highlight “the lying sack of lies that is Hillary Rodham Clinton,” a woman who has consistently used her power to cover up her corruption.

“We aren’t talking about one incident, like the Lochte Bathroom Gate, here,” she said. “This is a string of lies — all consequential, all telling, national security type stuff here, leadership type stuff here.”