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Donald Trump has mostly been the source of much criticism lately, but he has at least one guy in his corner -- Ted Nugent.

Nugent believes in the entrepreneur and 2016 GOP presidential candidate so much that he even thinks Trump deserves a medal for his courageous comments on the campaign trail and he doesn't want to see Trump get mocked by the GOP establishment anymore.

He particularly took issue with Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary of George W. Bush, comparing Trump to a "roadside accident" in a recent Politico article.

Nugent wrote a colorful op-ed in World Net Daily taking Fleischer down:
"Donald Trump is a mess? Maybe Mr. Fleischer should open up the political garbage can he and the majority of Fedzillacrats live in and take a look at the real, certifiable, rotting, stinking mess that has been caused by the professional scammers of both political stripes for the past 50 years. ... Donald Trump is running strong in the early polls because Americans are fed up with the political status quo, especially from left-leaning GOP Fedzillacrats who want to feed us cow dung while telling us it’s a cheeseburger. Our forefathers wouldn’t recognize the political labyrinth our professional politicians have created. The very things our forefathers warned us not to do as it pertains to embracing a centralized, powerful federal government is the very cliff our professional politicians have steered the Goodship America straight off of. And Donald Trump is a mess? American doesn’t need any more professional political punks in D.C., unless you believe sticking a red hot crowbar in your eye is an excellent treatment for cataracts."

And the kicker:
"Instead of being condemned and lampooned by the likes of Ari Fleischer and his ilk, Donald Trump should be given the Medal of Freedom for speaking his mind in such a bold, honest and straight-forward manner."