Polls aren't looking good for Donald Trump. The RealClearPolitics polling average has the Republican nominee down by nearly 7 points, but a new app that allows people to share anonymous opinions has the billionaire edging out Hillary Clinton in the fall.

The Zip question and answer app allows people to pose questions and answers anonymously on every subject from relationships to politics.

In an interview with USA Today, the app's creator Ric Militi said that the more than 100,000 daily users feel free to answer questions honestly, because they know they can't be harassed or called racist.

"We're not a poll, we're a conversation," he said. "We're also 100 percent anonymous; people feel very comfortable being themselves and answering questions without being bullied or being called racists… there's no fear or way to retaliate."

Militi said Trump has a slight edge over Clinton, but nearly 20 percent of voters say they are either undecided, don't care, or are not interested in voting.

According to Militi, the app correctly predicted the outcome of the primary, even when Trump was lagging behind in traditional polls.

Many Democrats on the app admitted they were closeted Trump supporters and that they lie to their friends about being liberals.

The average person using the app is 35 years-old, and the creator claims that it has a good cross-section of demographics and geography. Militi claimed his app is more accurate than traditional polls that oversample landline phones and highly educated voters.

While Trump has an advantage on the app and Clinton is winning in traditional polls, people overwhelmingly agree that they don't like either candidate.

About 87 percent of Zip users said that this election is really a choice between two super villains.