Anyone following my twitter account is painfully aware of my disdain for the way Barack Obama adviser David Axelrod treats the hosts of the TV shows he appears on and CNN's State of the Union host Candy Crowley in particular.

While the objective of political flacks on the shows to push their party's message, Axelrod defies all standards of acceptable behavior, railroading hosts at 400 miles per hour, barely letting them get in a word edge wise, let alone ask any questions.

This morning Axelrod was his typical aggressive self, appearing across several major Sunday morning new shows - This Week, Meet the Press and State of the Union - to give the Obama campaign's response to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's decision to select Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) as his running mate and to answer questions about the disreputable Obama Super PAC ad that insinuates that Romney killed a man's wife.

In every appearance this morning he literally ran the show, talking about what he wanted to, whenever he wanted, ignoring the legitmate questions from the hosts he was brought on to discuss.

He was especially bad-mannered on State of the Union host with Candy Crowley, however (yet again) condescendingly responding to her questions as if she were an intern at a local newspaper in a town of 500 people.

After patiently listening to Axelrod trash Ryan's plan to save the United States' entitlement system, Crowley fairly asked the Obama 2012 campaign adviser what President Obama was doing to stop Medicare from going bankrupt.

"Well, Candy, first of all, you and I should not ... we should leave it to the experts to say ... the Congressional Budget Office said what President Obama's done already has added eight years to the life of Medicare. What Romney and Ryan propose would end ..." Axelrod rudely told her, before shifting thoughts to respond to the question Candy tried to ask while he was babbling about leaving it to the experts to explain the entitlement system as if it takes an "expert" to spew out the Obama campaign's talking points.

After Crowley asked what was so bad about Romney's plan to give seniors the option of either receiving Medicare or investing their money in a private plan, which she said that as she understands it, isn't so differernt from what Obamacare attempts to do with healthcare market by giving people the option to either go through government programs (like Medicaid) for their healthcare or purchase a private plan, Axelrod impolitely explained why she was incorrect.

"Actually, it's not, because we don't have a public option in the health care bill," he told her. "But, you're taking a system that's fundamentally worked, Medicare, and you're giving people incentives to essentially of going into the private health care system," he said of Romney's plan.

The accurateness of Crowley's statement is debatable, but Axelrod's chastising, professor-like response was inexcusable. Furthermore, he incorrectly characterized the failing Medicare system as one that works, which is unarguably false according to "experts," who say Medicare will be broke in the next 10-20 years. 

When Crowley brought up a new CNN poll that shows that only 36 percent of Americans "think things are going well," while 63 percent of Americans say "things are going poorly" in the country, which indicates a clear decline since April in the number of people who say the country is on the right track, Axelrod testily told her, "Candy, you are not reading the entire poll," putting the Chicago spin on the bleak numbers.

CNN, which leans left, is not my favorite news channel nor is Crowley my favorite news host. But for a spokesman of the campaign that claims Republicans have a 'War on Women' to treat an established, respected female journalist so rudely on multiple occasions makes my stomach turn.

The mainstream media, and CNN in particular, ought to tell Axelrod that if he doesn't promise to treat their hosts with more respect, he won't be invited back. The Obama campaign has plenty of other approved spokespersons these news programs could invite on to defend the President. I may not like or agree with the other Obama administration and campaign spokespersons, but they are not anywhere nearly as disrespectful to hosts as Axelrod, who seems to think he runs the show.