At NYU, pro-Trump students are so afraid of the violence and intimidation on the liberal campus that they've stayed in the shadows. But that's not the case for all who support Trump. The Los Angeles Times recently profiled students for "On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald Trump."

Jake Lopez, whose great-grandfather was from Mexico, and his friend Ian McIlvoy, who is half-black, are students at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. They spend their time thinking of slogans in a dorm room (like "Trumplicans") and convincing other students to vote for Trump through phone calls, fliers, and social media. Their strategy involves getting students talking.

Lopez is the California Director of Students for Trump, which has 15 student chapters. Lopez says "the support is out there, and we're trying to get them mobilized and speaking up." He has 25 more chapter requests sitting in his inbox.

Many young people have joined the #NeverTrump bandwagon, but McIlvoy says he's "ABH--anyone but Hillary. I realized Trump can really do it, and the other candidates really can't."

Speaking of  lack of tolerance on liberal campuses, Lopez pointed to the effects of the Obama presidency. "Many on campus are not open to change or ideas, and frankly maybe that’s because Barack Obama wasn’t what they were expecting," Lopez said.

Students for Trump was started by freshman Ryan Fournier, who previously supported Rand Paul. Since its creation in October, the group has gained 24,500 followers on Twitter. In addition to praising Trump, tweets also seek to correct misinformation. The group also recently advertised #TheChalkening over the weekend, a contest encouraging students to decorate their campuses with pro-Trump chalk messages.

Members of Students for Trump were also featured by USA Today College, which asked 13 students why they supported the candidate. Many expressed being "sick and tired" about the state of the country, and trusting in Trump. Students also spoke out against rallies against Trump.

The piece and students earned the attention of Trump himself, who shared the Los Angeles Times article on his Facebook page.

The students understand that incompetent leadership is leaving them with huge debts to pay. We need to make this country great again for future generations of Americans!Posted by Donald J. Trump on Saturday, April 2, 2016