On Thursday, Penn State College Republicans announced that they would not endorse Donald Trump for president, and encouraged other College Republicans to do the same.

"After a majority decision between members and the executive board, we have ultimately decided that we will be forgoing an endorsement of him as the GOP presidential nominee," the group said in a statement.

They claim that after a vote they found 72 percent of their members were against supporting Trump. 

“The reason as to why our membership chose to not endorse Donald Trump could be for a multitude of reasons that we did not test for, such as his comments regarding foreign policy, fiscal policy, or his rash commentary towards members of the public," they said. 

The Pennsylvania College Republican chair Zach Bartman told Red Alert Politics he was concerned with the statement released by the Penn State College Republicans. He claims “This decision to disavow was based on a poll, which was very misleading and did not allow many to voice their opinions.”

Bartman claims the poll was sent via email, was only available for 12 hours, and just 33 out of 50+ members responded to the question: “Do you support the GOP nominee?"

In a letter Bartman sent to the Pennsylvania State University College Republicans he said, “The task of CR chapters is to promote and campaign for all Republican candidates. The Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans strongly condemns all CR chapters in the state of Pennsylvania for refusing to support our nominee. The function of the CRNC has historically been to promote ideals commensurate with the Republican Party as well as supporting Republican candidates at all levels.”

He said that if Republicans choose not to support the candidate who was legitimately nominated by the people, "we would be no better than the Democratic Party, of which their candidate is selected by a corrupt system of superdelegates, which fails to consider the will of the people."

Bartman went on to emphasize the importance of Pennsylvania in the 2016 election mentioning that “In the primaries alone, an estimated 80,000 registered Democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican in order to vote for Mr. Trump.”

Bartman asked members who cannot support the Republican nominee to step down.

“No person can completely identify with all the positions held by either the candidate or the platform, but our responsibility as College Republicans is to support the candidate nominated by the Republican Party," he said. "If members of chapter leadership teams cannot support the nominee, we ask that you step down in exchange for leadership that can wholeheartedly support our presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, and candidates of all other levels PA government including Pat Toomey for U.S. Senate, Otto Voit for PA Treasurer, and all of our congressional candidates. We have a responsibility to voters, and if we want to maintain this party, we must respect them."