St. Louis, the largest city in the U.S. to ban UberX, may let the car service company operate if the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission votes to make changes to the current taxi code.

The Daily Caller reported that the main contention lied with Uber's insurance, drug policies, and safety standards, but the MTC may be willing to alter most of their rules to accommodate the car service company.

According to St. Louis Today, a meeting held on Wednesday was intended to bring a final decision on whether or not to lift the ban. But it ended without a vote by the commission because all parties who have an interest in the matter were not present.

Another vote is scheduled to occur as early as Friday. 

There is an additional challenge to lifting the ban concerning a city law that mandates fingerprint background checks through the Missouri State Highway Patrol and FBI. Uber currently uses a third party to conduct background checks and states that the St. Louis law is too burdensome.

They mayor said he supports changing the law so UberX could do business in the city.