Welcome to #SMH Fridays! Obviously, that’s Internet speak for “shaking my head” Fridays, but you already knew that. 

Here at Red Alert Politics we spend entirely too much time on the internet and some of the things that we see out there are just absolutely astonishing/mind-blowing/horrifying/disgusting/trendy/weird/insert any adjective here. As such, we have decided to start #SMH Fridays as a way to share those stories with you.

In this weekly series, our staff members will share their favorite “That’s So Internet” story in this post, along with their unfiltered commentary. Here’s last week’s edition for the gist of what it’s all about. Enjoy!

Ashley Dobson

I spent last week on vacation in Europe, and while there is plenty to shake your head at over there, it was actually the first thing I saw in the parking garage of the Frankfurt airport that made me roll my eyes the hardest.

Right outside the automatic doors and beside the handicapped parking spots was a giant section of parking spots labeled, "Ladies parking." It was painted baby pink with white flowers all over the walls.

Seriously? Because being a woman is equal to having a handicap while driving?

I don't consider myself a feminist in any of the traditional uses of the word, but this really bothered me. Next time Jezebel lauds Europe for its gender equality efforts, they might want to think twice.

Ryan James Girdusky

If anyone has been reading my articles, they know I'm a big fan of Donald Trump, I like that he's brash, jerkish, and bold. He's got "F*** You" money, he's 69 years old, and he doesn't care if you love him or you hate him.

That's a very dangerous combination for anyone -- they can afford to see the world burn and have very little lose.

His comments on immigration are finally drawing some respect, especially after the tragic murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant who was deported five times.

But Trump has had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him, from celebrities calling him a racist, to people mocking his multiple bankruptcies, and nearly a dozen companies canceling their contract with the billionaire.

At this point Trump has been dumped more in the last 10 weeks than Taylor Swift has in the last 10 years.


A weaker man would have apologized, not spoken up for Steinle's family or the other countless families who have lost a loved one because of illegal immigration.

So I salute Trump, for having the nerve to speak to your convictions. That's a dangerous thing nowadays.

Trump has nothing to worry about -- even if he doesn't become President, he'll bounce back. If Britney Spears could make it through 2007, Trump can pay them all dust.


Maria Santos

My SMH this week was the sad realization that (1.) there are people out there who are legitimately upset about the fact that women's restroom signs involve skirts instead of pants:

[caption id="attachment_140012" align="alignnone" width="498"] via screenshot/Ijeoma Oluo 


and (2.) they want a "badass feminist coloring book" in which to vent their frustrations about this. In fact, so many people want this that said coloring book has already raised $14,768 on Kickstarter.