Welcome to #SMH Fridays! Obviously, that’s Internet speak for “shaking my head” Fridays, but you already knew that. 

Here at Red Alert Politics we spend entirely too much time on the internet and some of the things that we see out there are just absolutely astonishing/mind-blowing/horrifying/disgusting/trendy/weird/insert any adjective here. As such, we have decided to start #SMH Fridays as a way to share those stories with you.

In this weekly series, our staff members will share their favorite “That’s So Internet” story in this post, along with their unfiltered commentary. Here’s last week’s edition for the gist of what it’s all about. Enjoy!

Ashley Dobson

This week I learned that my office is inherently sexist. Not Red Alert Politics, mind you, but my physical office building (likely run by an evil male overlord).

I was informed by the Washington Post that because my office is so cold that I have to keep a sweater at my desk, I am a victim of the patriarchy.

From WaPo:
"So there you have it: the gender divide, thermostat edition. All these women who actually dress for the season — linens, sundresses, flowy, silk shirts, short-sleeve tops — changing their wardrobes to fit the sweltering temperatures around them. And then there are the men, stalwart in their business armor, manipulating their environment for their own comfort, heaven forbid they make any adjustments in what they wear. That’s right, my friends. Air-conditioning is another, big, sexist plot."


I don't know how I could have possibly thought otherwise.


Ryan James Girdusky

MTV's Video Music Awards nominations were released, and in the running for video of the year are Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift.

Left out of the nominations was Nicki Minaj, and she wasn't taking the insult lying down.

The rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday to blast the nominations by the racist "white media."

Swift came back at Minaj saying she was pitting women against each other. Sheeran and Mars also got in to the mix.

Ultimately, Swift apologized to Minaj, but not before her arch-nemesis and subject of her hit song Bad Blood got the last laugh.

While I love shade as much as Wendy Williams and enjoyed the celebrities feud, I'm getting tired of people like Minaj running to racism to explain their failures. Sometimes people just don't like your work, the rapper has won two of the awards in the past, they weren't racist then and they're not now, your video just wasn't that good. SMH.

Meghan Keenan

This week, GQ released Amy Schumer’s Star Wars-themed photo spread for the August issue of the magazine.

GQ calls this a “comedy issue” and the photos feature the “Trainwreck” actress posing as Princess Leia in various parodied scenes with other Star Wars characters. In the cover photo Schumer is sucking on C-3PO’s finger. Other photos include Schumer topless in bed between C-3PO and R2-D2, and one featuring the comedian with a light saber in her mouth.

But many Star Wars fans were not amused. A few took to Twitter to call the photoshoot "distasteful," and to call out Disney and Star Wars for allowing its characters to be displayed in a sexual manner.

The official Star Wars account assured fans that neither Disney nor their production company Lucasfilm had anything to do with the photoshoot.

Relax, Star Wars fans. It's just a joke.

Maria Santos

My SMH is related to Ryan's--but with a slightly different emphasis.

While everything Ryan said is completely on point, there's still one more part of this Nicki-Taylor beef that needs to be addressed.

The part where Nick Minaj blames racism for the fact that her "Feeling Myself" video--which is only available on Tidal--didn't get nominated.

Tidal--as in that super expensive music streaming service Jay Z launched, and nobody actually wants. So maybe like, 5 people have actually seen "Feeling Myself." And two of them are Beyonce and Nicki.


Nicki. Plz. Your quest to make Tidal a thing is not about justice and equality. I've ranted about Tidal before, don't make me do it again.