A fired employee gunned down his ex-boss and wounded seven bystanders on the crowded sidewalks outside the Empire State Building in a Friday morning shooting spree, cops and witnesses said.

The cold-blooded killer, who was fired a year ago, wore a business suit and was carrying a briefcase when he pumped a pair of fatal bullets into his victim near the 33rd St. entrance to the skyscraper, a witness told the Daily News.

The well-dressed shooter, after casually strolling away from the murder scene, was gunned down within minutes in a Fifth Ave. confrontation with the cops.

“There was blood on the sidewalk,” said witness Rebecca Fox. “It was like a scene out of CSI, but it was real. I was literally shaking.”

Seven other people were wounded, none too seriously, before the shooting stopped just after 9 a.m.

“The perp had a dispute with an ex-coworker,” said a police source. “He shot him, and then he fired randomly.”

The streets around the iconic midtown building were choked with emergency vehicles, and witnesses reported bloody victims calling for help after the shooter squeezed off at least a dozen shots.

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