Sen. Lindsey Graham (R- S.C.) was a guest on Tuesday's Late Night with Seth Meyers where he explained to the host his opposition to the president's Iran deal agreed to earlier that day.

Meyers defended the merits of the deal, stating it would put off Iran's ability to create a nuclear bomb for 15 years and increase the number of nuclear inspectors, but Graham was unpersuaded.

"Instead of dismantling the program we have ensured they will become a nuclear nation. We are giving them $18 billion. They haven't changed their behavior at all, there is no requirement to do it. We are lifting the arms embargo on the most radical regime in the region, other than that this is a good deal," Graham said to Meyers.

The South Carolina senator went on to explain that he fears other Arab nations will feel the need to get a nuclear weapon and lead to a Middle East arms race. He also said it was unwise to give Iran money and lift the arms embargo without demanding the Iranian regime stop destabilizing the region, renounce terrorism, and stop threatening Israel.

Watch the full clip below: