Scott Walker claims he considers marijuana a “state” issue—but also says he would allow the federal government to prosecute state-legalized weed. Trying to have it both ways?

During an interview with KTRS 550 radio on Wednesday, the host pressed Walker on whether his Justice Department would prosecute states like Colorado and Washington that have legalized marijuana.

“For me I think that should be a state issue, but I also think that you can’t ignore the laws,” Walker said. “And until the federal government changes the laws you don’t get to pick and choose in a just society whether you enforce the laws or not. You have to change them.”

“So yes, you would go after Colorado?” the host asked.

“Well, I would enforce the law that was on the books no matter what it is,” Walker said.

“And again if we are going to change it, change it in the Congress. I believe it is a states issue, so I don’t have a problem changing it.”

He went on to clarify that he doesn’t personally believe that marijuana should be legalized, and has fought legalization in his own state, “But to me I still think that’s something best handled at the state level.”

Listen to the interview at BuzzFeed.