TAMPA, Fla. — Liberal contraception activist Sandra Fluke isn’t taking up Breitbart.com editor Dana Loesch’s challenge to a debate on women’s issues.

The conservative firebrand Loesch has been tweeting at Fluke and publicly challenging the liberal activist Thursday to a debate and discussion on the issues, but Fluke, who strolled through the Republican National Convention Thursday afternoon, has not responded. Loesch has even gone looking for Fluke, who appears to have disappeared after a series of media appearances at the convention center.

Fluke showed up at the RNC with Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, early Thursday afternoon and the two paraded around media outlets in the convention center pushing their message.

Loesch isn’t surprised that Fluke has not agreed to a debate.

“If Sandra Fluke is going to come here and talk about women’s issues, then why not talk to actual conservative women about women’s issues?” Loesch told The Daily Caller. “I mean, that’s the whole point. You can’t just come here and hold a press conference and not take any questions. You can’t just go on MSNBC and say whatever you want. Is she an advocate or propagandist? Which one is she? If she’s an advocate, she’s completely willing to have a discussion on the issues. Democrats don’t speak for women. They don’t speak for me. I would like to hear why she thinks she speaks for all women because she obviously does not.”

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