In the wake of the brutal murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant in the streets of San Francisco many politicians are calling for an end to sanctuary cities, but one liberal official has an alternative plan to make the streets safe again.

Supervisor Mark Farrell has asked the city attorney to draft new gun control legislation that would require videotaping of all gun and ammunition sales, reported CBS SF Bay Area.

“Even though San Francisco has some of the toughest gun control laws on the books in the country – there is more we can do to protect the public,” Farrell said.

The proposed bill is onerous and there is no evidence it will make San Francisco any safer.

In addition to taping the sale of guns, it would mandate videos of any place where a gun or ammunition is stored, handled, transferred, or carried. All firearm dealers would have to keep up to five years of records and transmit sales data weekly to the San Francisco Police Department.

“Easy access to guns and ammunition continue to contribute to senseless violent crime here in San Francisco and across the country,” he went on.

Chicago passed a similar law in 2014, but it has had little effect on reducing crime. So far in 2015 the city has seen an increase in both shootings and gun-related homicide, according to USA Today.