A Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan winning ticket just means more of the same government beaurocracy, according to Ron Paul. He told Neil Cavuto from Fox News on Tuesday that,

"I see what i do is more of an intellectual movement and we talk about revolution because we need a revolutionary change in our ideas. We cannot just go along with the status quo," he told Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto on Tuesday. "When you talk about foreign policy and spending and debt...the Republicans and the Democrats have not had a lot of difference."

Paul said he disagreed with the Ryan budget not because its cuts were too extreme but because he did not cut enough.

"There were no cuts,"  he said. "They are just cuts in the proposed increases and that is where the problem is."

While Paul didn't reveal his choice for the 2012 election, he made it clear that he is not happy with the options. He said that he is also doubtful about the future of the economy and thinks we are heading toward a recession far worse than anything that happened in 2008.