President Barack Obama hit the links for a Saturday round on the morning of his 51st birthday, while Republicans sent gag gifts his way.

"Happy birthday Mr. President," read a cake the Republican National Committee said was delivered on their behalf to the Democratic National Committee. "You didn't bake this," the frosted letters continued, a rift on the president's comment "you didn't build this" - a line on which Republicans have seized.

The communications directors for both the RNC and DNC exchanged words via Twitter over the cake.

"Looks like you have too much time on your hands," the DNC's Brad Woodhouse posted.

"Maybe it would have been better to get some pastry from Caribou Coffee – WH staff loves that place," replied the RNC's Sean Spicer, referencing charges against the Obama Administration involving off-site meetings with lobbyists which Republicans pushed this week.

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