The Republican National Convention (RNC), scheduled to take place Monday through Thursday of next week, announced today that Alex Schriver, Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), would speak on Monday as part of what looks like a last-minute effort to get more young people involved in the convention.

As of now, Schriver is the only person under 30 slated to speak at the RNC, which is surprising given the large number of influential young conservatives and young politicians.

According to Schriver, this is not reflective of a general unwelcoming attitude on the part of the RNC planning committee towards young people.

"They are welcoming young people with open arms," he said in a phone interview. "It is very open to young people from the standpoint of programming, speakers, MAVBASH...there are plenty of activities for young people to involve themselves in."

While numerous non-profits and other conservative organizations have put together a formidable list of events surrounding the convention activities, the official RNC line-up is not exactly youth friendly.

However, Schriver said the national party has realized the importance of the young vote after their failure to engage young people the 2008 elections and has increased efforts to invite young voices to the political discussion.

He said said he was very pleased with Governor Mitt Romney's attention to young people during his campaign so far and the general outreach efforts that the Republican Party has extended to its college-age crowd.

But in his speech, which he will deliver Monday, Schriver said he would focus on the fact that, "we all can do better," as part of Monday's convention theme "We Can Do Better," and the importance of our generation putting all hands on deck for the sake of this November election.