Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Donald Trump have conflicting reports about a conversation on the presidential candidate's rhetoric.

Priebus claimed that the two spoke on Wednesday in a 45-minute phone conversation where the chairman asked him to tone down his controversial statements on immigration, The Hill reported.

“Chairman Priebus often speaks privately with candidates seeking our party’s nomination. He did have a very respectful conversation with Mr. Trump on Wednesday. They discussed multiple comments, including comments on illegal immigration," said RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer in a statement to the Washington Post.

Trump took to Twitter on Thursday and claimed that the statements by the RNC were totally false.

"He called me, ten minutes, said I hit a 'nerve,' doing well, end!," Trump tweeted.

Despite the myriad of bad press, attacks from celebrities, and losing millions in business deals, Trump has never been more popular with Republican primary voters. Public Policy Polling reported on Wednesday that the mogul is leading the field in the North Carolina Republican primary.

He has also been receiving positive feedback on Twitter from his supporters who feel he is pressing all the right nerves with the political elite.