We look back at the biggest highlights and scandals of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, after Sunday's closing ceremony. Here are the unforgettable moments of athleticism, sportsmanship, and scandal that will go down in Olympic history.

1.  Tonga’s Flag-Bearer Steals Hearts

Pita Taufatofua, Tonga’s first-ever Taekwondo Olympian, marched in the opening ceremony carrying the country’s flag. “What flag?” replied the women of the world, as we grabbed our phones to Google the first available flights to Tonga.

Companies have reported increased demand for coconut oil (responsible for his shiny physique), and the official Tonga Tourism website has seen such a spike in page views that they’ve added a page on Taufatofua’s background – which, by the way, is a story of beating the odds and chasing dreams.

2.  Katie Ledecky Shatters Records

The 19-year-old swimmer set new world records in the 200m and 400m freestyle events. She took home gold in four events, and silver in a fifth. She won by so much that NBC and ESPN reporters started calling her “Ledeckretariat.”

3.  Brazil’s Diego Hypolito’s Silver Medal Floor Exercise

Diego Hypolito of Brazil won his first Olympic medal, a silver in the men’s floor exercise. The two-time world champion was overcome with pride as he medaled in his home country.

4.  Egyptian Judo Competitor Won’t Shake Hands with Israeli

Israeli Judoka Or Sasson defeated Egyptian Islam el Shehaby, and el Shehaby left the mat without shaking his hand. This display of poor sportsmanship earned el Shehaby a reprimand from the IOC’s Disciplinary Committee, and his own team sent him home. Sasson went on to win the bronze medal.

5.  U.S. Women Sweep the 100 Meter Hurdles

Briana Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin took the gold, silver, and bronze, respectively. Three American flags were raised in the stadium for the first time ever at a women’s track and field event.

6.  Japan’s Wrestling Win

When Risako Kawai won gold, she celebrated like only a wrestler can: By picking up her coach and throwing him on the mat.

7.  Brazil Arrests Nine Australian Athletes

Brazilian authorities arrested and detained nine Aussie athletes on suspicion that they had tampered documents to get into the Australia-Serbia basketball game. The Australians maintain that they did nothing wrong. Brazilian authorities demanded a $4,000 bail for the group, which the Australian Olympic Committee scrambled to pay.

8.  Michael Phelps Retires

The most decorated Olympian of all time (and new father to Boomer!) went out on top, adding five golds and a silver to complete his collection of twenty-eight medals.

9.  Lochtegate, or the Loch Mess

Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers exaggerated a story of an armed robbery following a wild night of partying. Lochte made it back to America quickly, but his three partners-in-making-up-a-crime were temporarily detained by Brazilian authorities.

10.  The Final Five

Team USA’s gymnasts dominated in Rio. Breakout star Simone Biles and veteran Olympian Aly Raisman led the team to the all-around gold, and medaled in individual events as well.

11.  Usain Bolt Smiles Back

Usain Bolt defended his title as the world’s fastest man, and he made it look easy along the way.