Rick Warren has announced that he is cancelling the sequel to his civil forum which was scheduled to feature President Obama and Governor Romney in a televised interview format. Warren said the ongoing uncivil discourse of the campaign caused him to cancel the event.
Four years ago Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren held a forum at his church in which John McCain and Barack Obama answered questions on a number of topics. One of the highlights you may recall from the event was Obama's statement that questions about when an unborn child becomes a human with rights were above his pay-grade. It was an obvious dodge of a question that is central in the abortion debate.

Warren had reached out to both candidates and they had each agreed to participate in a 2012 version of the same event. However, the tone of the campaign caused Warren to reassess. He told the Orange County Register "The forums are meant to be a place where people of goodwill can seriously disagree on significant issues without being disagreeable or resorting to personal attack and name-calling. But that is not the climate of today's campaign. I've never seen more irresponsible personal attacks, mean-spirited slander, and flat-out dishonest attack ads, and I don't expect that tone to change before the election."

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