The two young women behind the new group “Republican Women for Hillary Clinton” may have previously known financial ties to the Clinton campaign.

The founders, Meghan Milloy and Jennifer Pierotti Lim, have records of being dedicated Republicans. Both have worked on several campaigns for Republican candidates. According to Rolling Stone, Milloy worked on the Bush campaign and interned in the Bush White House.

Lim currently works as the Director of Health Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has recently voiced their opposition to Trump’s policies on global trade.

Milloy and Lim claim that they are more in favor of stopping Donald Trump and less concerned with electing Hillary Clinton. While admitting that Clinton may not be the best person for the job, they believe that it is their moral duty to oppose the election of Donald Trump.

In July, CNN reported a connection between “Republican Women for Hillary” and the Clinton campaign. Jennifer Lim’s husband is Tim Lim who founded Precision Network, an online advertising network located in Washington, D.C. Tim Lim is also a partner at Bully Pulpit Interactive, a communications and marketing agency that has a multi-million dollar contract with the Clinton campaign.

When asked about this connection, Jennifer Lim assured CNN that her support for Clinton was sincere and that she only hopes to stop Trump from securing the presidency.

On the organization’s Facebook page it claims partial responsibility for narrowing the poll numbers between Trump and Clinton.

With about 1,400 followers on Twitter and 2,800 Facebook likes, the group is not likely to have affected much change in the polls. They have, however, received a lot of attention from the Democratic National Committee. On July 28, Lim spoke at the DNC National Convention expressing her support for Clinton.

“I campaigned exclusively for the GOP until this election. I have voted Republican my entire life,” she said. “I believe in the bedrock values of the Republican Party: liberty, equality, and the belief that there are individual rights that cannot be taken away. These are values to be proud of, and because the Republican Party has abandoned those values this year, this Republican is voting for Hillary Clinton… There are some who will say I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. People who say that dismiss my voice and Hillary’s long record of public service… I’m here tonight to ask all of you to join me to not only oppose Donald Trump but to support Hillary Clinton because we are not just Democrats and Republicans. We’re Americans.”

Lim was also recently featured in Glamour Magazine next to influential Republican women such as Barbara Bush and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

The group advertises themselves as a safe haven for Republicans who do not support Donald Trump. They intend to, as their slogan says, “Vote to make sure women don’t get trumped.”