Rep. Jeff Duncan (R- S.C.) has one more problem with the media -- the double standard in how they're treating Ariana Grande and Donald Trump.

Both Grande and Trump have made politically incorrect statements. The billionaire entrepreneur called Mexican illegal immigrants "rapists and drug dealers" and the 22-year old pop singer said she "hates America" after licking donuts that she did not purchase.

But while the media has all but forgiven Grande as just a spoiled kid who acted stupidly, they have come down on Trump, calling him a racist and comparing him to segregationist George Wallace.

This hypocrisy did not sit well with Duncan, who took to Facebook Saturday to blast the media.

"Just curious: where are the NBC’s, Univision's, ESPN’s, record labels, concert venues, etc. in this Ariana Grande incident? They were mighty quick to jump on the “bash Donald Trump” bandwagon when he spoke about illegal aliens and “sanctuary city” policies," Duncan wrote on his Facebook page.

"This misguided young pop singer said that she hated America and hated Americans, while she proceeded to contaminate food for resale with the very tongue with which she uttered the hatred rant," he continued. "The double-standards in this country are disgusting."

Just curious: where are the NBC's, Univisions, ESPN's, record labels, concert venues, etc in this Ariana Grande...Posted by Congressman Jeff Duncan on Saturday, July 11, 2015

(h/t Mediate)