As a morning-loather, I have to confess I was somewhat appalled/baffled by Rand Paul's interview for theSkimm's "Skimm your candidate" series, wherein he claims to have never hit the snooze button, ever, in his entire life, because he wakes up exuberant and filled with joie de vivre. 

Asked how many times a day he hits "snooze," Paul replied, "I don’t think I have ever hit the snooze button in my entire life. I usually wake up before my alarm goes off, and I am so excited to start the day."

A few weeks ago, Lindsey Graham answered that question by saying, "I'm much more of a night owl," while Carly Fiorina said, "I don’t have time to hit snooze these days!"

Anyway, good for you, Rand--even though I reserve the right to remain skeptical that at no point in your entire existence--not even your heady Aqua Buddha days of yore--did you ever feel like a normal person in the a.m.: