Donald Trump’s call to ban all Muslim immigrants from the United States, particularly Syrian refugees, has drawn criticism from his opponents on both sides of the aisle who are trying to reach out to millennial voters.

Opposition on the right has mainly come from those who see it as inconsistent with the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of religion.

The response from the left, on the other hand, has been to call Trump a racist (despite the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race). The left has rushed to defend all things Islamic, including Sharia Law, a radical Muslim religious legal system that is held by many fanatics, including terror groups like ISIS.

On Tuesday, Sally Kohn, a liberal political commentator for CNN, sent out a tweet directed at Trump claiming that “progressive Muslims” believe in Sharia.

This shows the ignorance of the left in regards to Sharia Law. Muslim nations with Sharia in place, including Saudi Arabia, execute apostates and homosexuals, which people on Twitter were quick to point out to Kohn, who is both a lesbian and an atheist.

The real irony here is that there's not a lot of sympathy for Sharia Law among the younger generation.

It is true that most millennials are against a blanket ban of all Muslims. Many are against whatever is considered intolerant, and a total ban is perceived as discriminatory and offensive to those who identify as Islamic.

However, when it comes to Sharia Law, millennials are beginning to see it as intolerant. Writing for the American Thinker, columnist and teacher Eileen F. Toplansky said students “clearly perceive the danger of Islamic jihad while Obama and too many politically correct possible jihadist sympathizers and spineless officials downplay the genuine danger assailing America and the world.”

In Sally Kohn's case, she has been consistent with her strange view of Sharia Law and radical Islam. At a debate at this year's PolitiCon with Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro, she said that standing in favor of honor killings does not make you an extremist.

Despite what Kohn might think, millennials are moving away from all forms of discrimination, including an extremist legal system like Sharia Law.