Hillary Clinton’s super PAC has debuted a new ad campaign designed to target millennial women. The half-million dollar campaign will reach young female voters where we are: on Buzzfeed and on Elite Daily.

The ads are sponsored by Women Vote, the political arm of Emily’s List (a group that advocates for access to abortion). They’re also put on in partnership with Priorities USA Action, one of Hillary Clinton’s super PACs. The content is hosted as native advertising, meaning it looks like regular posts instead of banner ads. Native advertising has been mildly controversial since it disguises the fact that it’s a paid advertisement written not by the media outlet itself, but by a paying sponsor. The Clinton campaign is no stranger to digital media; they’ve committed $20 million to this ad campaign which also involves paid media on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram – as well as Refinery29, a site geared toward twenty-something women.

A Buzzfeed quiz asks readers, “Hey Ladies: What does Donald Trump want to do to you?” Each question contains an anti-woman thing that Trump has said or done – one question asks if you’re “a young, hot piece of ass.” All paths through the quiz lead to a result with a blurb about getting out the vote so that Donald Trump never becomes president.

Another Buzzfeed element highlights Trump’s past misogyny with a set of digital greeting cards. They’re sweet on the outside, but the insides feature more Trump quotes on everything from the proposed Muslim ban to how global warming is (according to the Donald) a hoax created by the Chinese.

“I promise not to talk about your massive plastic surgeries that didn’t work” is one Trumpian barb. “Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing,” he advises in another.

None of the Buzzfeed ads mention Hillary at all. The Elite Daily ads won’t be revealed until September, but the Washington Post reports they are “expected to take on a more somber tone.”

Though Hillary is ahead of Trump with millennials by 36 points, her campaign is well aware that millennials vote at a lower participation rate than any other age group. She has been “Berned” by young voters before, and needs to generate enthusiasm among the college-and-beyond set.

Hillary has her own checkered past regarding the treatment of women. She defended an alleged child molester decades ago, and disparaged (some might say, terrorized) Bill’s accusers in the 1990s. Hillary has since largely reversed her reputation, branding herself as an advocate for women and girls worldwide. Trump will have to explain a long list of misogynistic statements – and by keeping those instances fresh in young women’s minds, Hillary can make herself look like the lesser of two evils.