Ever the Hollywood fan, President Obama made a clever cinematic reference during his remarks on the economy in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Thursday afternoon.

After championing the recent jobs report from the Department of Labor, Obama cautioned the crowd against buying into the economic "visions" for the country that will be outlined by the "interesting bunch" of Republican presidential candidates between now and the 2016 presidential election.

"You're going to hear a lot of pitches from a lot of people," Obama explained. "They're going to deny that any progress has been made. You'll hear a lot of folks trying to sell you on their vision of where our country should go. They're going to be making a whole bunch of stuff up."

"We've got some healthy competition in the Democratic Party, but I've lost count of how many Republicans are running for this job," Obama continued, chuckling. "They'll have enough for an actual 'Hunger Games.'"

Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became the 14th Republican to announce his presidential campaign, joining a field that is expected to grow to 16 once Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker make official their respective bids later this month.

During his speech at the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse, Obama complimented candidates from both sides of the political aisle for "talking about the middle class and working families" but insisted that he and his liberal allies in Wisconsin were focused on the middle class before it was "cool" and "trendy" to do so.

"They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk," Obama said of the 2016 GOP hopefuls. "Their menu doesn’t have a whole lot of options for the middle class.  The one thing that the bus full of people who are fighting to lead the Republican ticket all share is they keep on coming up with the same old trickle-down, 'you're on your own' economics that helped bring about the crisis back in 2007-2008 in the first place."

According to Obama, they're all "good people," of course; "It's just their ideas are bad," he laughed, recycling a similar phrase he used to knock Republicans during a speech last year.

Obama also touted his proposed new overtime pay policy, which would increase the threshold for employees that companies are required to compensate for overtime work.