Hillary Clinton wasn't the only candidate who saw a bump after the Democratic National Convention. The Green Party nominee Jill Stein saw her numbers rise as many #BernieOrBust supporters are now tweeting

Stein support nearly increased from 3 to 5 percent in the CNN/ORC poll and up one point in the Economist/YouGov poll.

The CNN poll showed that the reason she nearly doubled in polling is because of her massive 7 point increase among former Bernie Sanders supporters. According to the poll, 69 percent of Berners said they will cast their vote for Clinton, 13 percent for Stein, 10 percent for Libertarian Gary Johnson, and 3 percent for Donald Trump.

Stein's 13 percent represents about 1.7 million votes, the most Green Party candidate got since the 2000 election when Ralph Nader scored nearly 3 million votes.

This bump in the polls comes as Stein announced on Twitter that her campaign raised more than $1 million in a 10 day period from small dollar donors, more than she had raised during the rest of her campaign.