Just in time for the nation's holiday that celebrates American history and national pride, a recent survey reveals that 35 percent of Americans would emigrate. And of those surveyed, 55 percent of the millennials were on the side of leaving the U.S.A.

The 55 percent who would pick up and move stated a higher paying job as a possible factor that would lure them to another country, reported CNBC.  On the flip side, 59 percent of people said the major reason for staying would be that America is "home."

While the initial statistics may sound alarming, have no fear--your friends and family will most likely still be around for your cookout on the 4th.

The overall percentage of Americans who actually emigrated in 2014 was a minuscule .001 percent. While the number seems low, it is a 13 percent increase from the number of people who left the country only a few years earlier in 2010, according to the Treasury Department.

Also to keep in consideration? The sample size of the survey--2,000 American adults completed the survey online conducted by TransferWire.

Regardless, the attitudes of American millennials towards their country is a debatable topic, especially with the 2016 presidential election coming up and each party vying for the unpredictable generation's vote.

Make sure to sing the National Anthem extra loud this weekend and -- remember -- you can never overdo it on the red, white, and blue decor this July 4th weekend.