Just New Productions has posted a video to YouTube that parodies the popular song “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye and points out the ways in which Obama has betrayed Americans and strayed from his promise of “change” in 2008. From predator drones and Guantanamo Bay to unemployment and his Nobel Peace Prize, the parody leaves no Obama stone unturned.

The song “Obama That I Used to Know” is sung by a man and a woman and ironically begins with an audio recording of Obama discussing the “hymn that will heal this nation,” his famous “Yes we can” tagline, that was taken from his Democratic nomination speech in 2008.

The man begins the song singing about the “change” Obama brought him was that he “moved in with [his] mother.” He goes on to assert that Americans got “addicted” to Obama’s message of change.

In the parody of the chorus, the male sings: “Because you won and then you cut me off, now your speeches never soar as high as unemployment. You took ObamaCare so far, but you left me like a dog strapped on Romney’s car.” He continues, “Even the shirt that was on my back is owned by China or being arbitraged by Goldman Sachs. Just send in a predator drone, cause now you’re not Obama that I used to know.”

Later when the woman begins singing, she matter-of-factly states, “Sometimes I think the peace prize winner shouldn’t have a kill list, but you dumped bin Laden in the sea so maybe it’s all good.” Later, she admits, “Your big package didn’t stimulate me.”

At the end of the parody, the two singers join in together to address Obama on Guantanamo and marijuana, singing: “But you won and then you cut me off, made out like you closed Guantanamo, and we got nothing.” They continue, “No, I don’t need you to legalize, just keep the feds away from folks like you when you were younger.” Both singers call for the “Obama that [they] used to know.”

Obama gets the final word in the song, when a recording of the president calling Kanye West a "jackass" ends the video.

Evidently, it’s time for a new “hymn that will heal this nation,” and perhaps “Obama That I Used to Know” will become that very tune.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJnAp3YxCCw]