Donald Trump lost not only the opportunity for a big celebrity endorsement for his presidential run, but also a paying customer.

Fusion's Jorge Ramos had an interview with Armando Perez -- better known as Pitbull -- on Wednesday and asked the Republican-leaning rapper his thoughts on Trump's candidacy.

“Donald Trump doesn’t become Donald Trump by being ignorant. What I think about Trump is he found a button that he likes, he sees that it got people real mad and hot, and he’s gonna keep pushing it,” Pitbull said.

He said that Trump's comments on illegal immigrants from Mexico have left such a bad taste in his mouth that he is going to boycott Trump's hotels.

“No, I wouldn’t be able to go to his hotels,” Pitbull continued. “I just can’t. I can’t for the simple fact that you’re speaking about a culture that I ride, I die for. This culture’s the only reason I’m having this conversation right now.”