A Fastbreak interview with New York Knicks President Phil Jackson from February recently shared shed some insight into the firing of Coach Derek Fisher. While Jackson referenced "a difficult time for Derek" and how "his focus was on coaching the team." Jackson also spoke of Fisher's mindset of a player, though, including when it comes to millennials:

And because Derek was still in a player’s mindset, he’d talk to the guys about diet, how to approach shootarounds, the importance of gameday naps, of game preparation, and of being ready for the practices that are called the day after games. He was training individuals, which was really in tune with the so-called millennials, young people and young players who are primarily interested in themselves. In the NBA, these young guys are concerned with what playing for whatever team they’re on can do for them. Can playing in New York or Boston or LA or wherever add 10K followers to my Twitter account? Will the local media get me lucrative endorsements? What do I have to concentrate on to get a better contract?

One difference I had with Derek is that I’m much more interested than he was in training groups. The Knights of the Round Table kind of thing.

He isn't the only one negatively affected by this millennial mindset. The Arizona Suns owner blamed the "millennial culture" for his team's failure. The Suns finished 14th during the 2015-2016 season.

Fisher coached from 2014-2016, right after he had been a player since 1996.