All this week the mainstream media and liberal Romney detractors have offered up a single, resounding criticism of the GOP Presidential Nominee – that he is “out of touch” and needs to be “humanized.” Well, it appears that the news breaking him taking a trip to New Orleans to visit Hurricane Isaac victims ahead of the current Commander-in-Chief, might just shut them up.

The story is still developing, but it appears that Mitt Romney will indeed be visiting the flooded portions of the south east including New Orleans today after he leaves Tampa. This “out of touch” politician seems to be taking that callous, polished image of his and proving he truly cares about Americans affected by a recent natural disaster.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been well aware that Isaac was on its way to Gulf Coast and had the potential for some serious damage. The 24 hour cable news covered Isaac wall-to-wall last week in the days leading up to the RNC Convention in Tampa, FL.

Barack Obama, the president of the United States has had more than a week to prepare for Isaac and schedule a trip to visit the area, or at the very least, fly over in Air Force One. ABC News reports that the White House has no announced plans to visit the area. You'd think the Obama administration would have visited days ago- after all, wasn’t the “slow” reaction of the Bush Administration in the wake of Hurricane Katrina one of his predecessor’s biggest flaws?

Romney’s trip to New Orleans will likely do wonders for his supposed image problem, but it also sets him apart and makes him appear very presidential – and he’s only the nominee! Not to mention it makes our current White House occupant look foolish, behind the ball and “out of touch.”

**Update: The White House has just issued a press release at 12:12 pm indicating the President will travel to Isaac-affected areas of  New Orleans on Monday, September 23rd. The short release reads, "WASHINGTON, DC – On Monday, September 3rd, President Obama will travel to Louisiana to meet with local officials and view ongoing response and recovery efforts to Hurricane Isaac.  More details will be released when they become available."

Mr. President, in the words of JoJo, I'm afraid that's "just too little too late."