My daughter is a Navy Diver, my son-in-law is an active duty Navy SEAL, and I spent 23 years as a Navy SEAL Commander, leading countless young men through BUDS training and commanding thousands more men and women in Iraq. I know the sacrifices our veterans have made, the incredible leadership skills they develop, and the deep love of country they harbor. But you don’t have to be a veteran to know that as a nation and a government we are not doing enough to honor these brave men and women.

The Obama Administration is failing our veterans, and they have been for a long time. It’s been two years since we first learned of the rampant corruption, criminal negligence, and dereliction of duty at all levels at Veterans Affairs (VA). Stories of veterans put on fabricated long wait lists, enduring rationed care, and suffering from inadequate service sounded like Soviet-era atrocities, not something that could be happening here at home—let alone to the men and women who have put their lives on the line for ours so many times.

The worst part of the entire situation though is despite the administration’s platitudes, things have not gotten better; in fact, the VA is worse than it’s ever been.

It took more than two years after the Government Accountability Office reported a backlog in disability claims, and over a year after news of the wait time scandal broke, for the first criminal charges to finally come. There are 50 percent more veterans on long wait lists than when the scandal started, and a new report found nearly one-third of veterans waiting for healthcare at the VA have already passed away. And, out of the 280,000 individuals identified as having a part in the manufactured long wait times, only three VA employees were fired. This is unacceptable.

Our veterans have put their lives on the line for us day in and day out; they deserve the absolute best we have to offer. This week the House is voting on the Veteran’s Affairs Accountability Act (H.R.1994) which will codify the right of the VA to demote or fire an employee for poor job performance or misconduct. It will also enhance whistleblower protections so VA employees are not afraid of intimidation or retribution. This law will finally hold people accountable, increase transparency, and correct some of the gross criminal misconduct that built a culture of corruption at the VA.

House Republicans remain committed to improving care and services for our veterans. Earlier this year we passed a budget that allocates $4.6 billion more dollars to the VA than last year, coupled with measures like the Veterans Access to Community Care Act of 2015 to improve local care for rural veterans and the Hire More Heroes Act of 2015, we are making progress on multiple fronts.

Over my 23 year career with the SEALs I was lucky. My generation mostly trained for war.  The men and women of today live it. America has been at war longer now than at any point in our history. Our troops gave us everything they have, leaving nothing on the battlefield. We owe it to them to give them our best. God bless America, and God bless the men and women who defend her.