TAMPA, Fla. - Only 300 protesters showed up to an Occupy the RNC protest the Occupy movement had billed as it's grand comeback, claiming that more than 5,000 people would be attendance at the rally to tell off "the 1%" Monday morning.

According to one member of the security staff,  the Occupy the RNC rally AKA ResistRNC garnered 300 protesters - at best.

Despite concerns that the rally could become violent based on disturbing videos on the group's website that were removed after Red Alert Politics wrote about the concerning content of the so-called "instructional videos," the protest was primarily peaceful with the exception of a small handful of protesters who made an impromptu dash off the scheduled route towards Tampa's financial district toward the end of the protest.

"Individuals splintered off from that and have been basically running through the downtown area and we're monitoring them right now just to ensure that everyone is safe and that there's no damage in the downtown area, but so far everything has been very, very successful," Tampa police chief Jane Castor told ABC News.

According to police, Dominick Delarosa, 20, was arrested after he refused to remove a mask.

Despite the shenanigans of a few protesters, the march was generally orderly. Occupiers walked from Perry Harvey Sr. Park to the approved protest zone where they had tents set up. The protesters dubbed their new home "Romneyville."